911 Fees & Surcharges


The Alabama Statewide 911 Board requires Alabama wireless customers to pay a monthly fee of $1.86 for 911 services to their wireless carrier. All amounts collected by the wireless carriers are turned over to the state. The 911 statewide system connects callers to emergency services. The 911 fees apply to all wireless customers, including Lifeline customers.

You can make your monthly payment in the amount of $1.86:

Send a check or money order payable to Assurance Wireless.

Mail To:
Assurance Wireless
PO Box 874631
Kansas City, MO 64187-4631

Please write your Assurance Wireless phone number on your check.


If you have any questions about this fee or your bill, please call 1-888-321-5880.


What happens if I can't or don't pay the fee?

Your services will not be interrupted, including your ability to call 911 for emergency services; however, the Alabama Statewide 911 Board requires all Alabama wireless Lifeline providers, to collect this fee on their behalf.

Why do I have to pay the fee when Lifeline service is free?

The Alabama Statewide 911 Board ("911 Board") requires Lifeline customers, like Assurance Wireless customers, to pay a 911 fee even when the Lifeline customer gets the service for free. 911 - sometimes called E911 - is a system that links callers with the appropriate public safetyE911 answering center to access emergency services.

Does Assurance Wireless keep the 911 fee?

No, Assurance Wireless collects the fee on behalf of the state of Alabama. Everything we collect from customers is sent to the state of Alabama.

Do I have payment options such as paying once a year, a few months at a time or once a month?

Yes. You can pay once a year, a few months at a time or once a month while you are an Assurance Wireless customer.

Can I pay in a retail store or through another retail store that sells Assurance Wireless Top Up PIN's?

No. At this time, you can only pay with the options outlined above.

What happens if I make an advance payment and end up stopping my Assurance Wireless service?

You may be eligible for a refund for the advance payment from the Alabama Statewide 911 Board but Assurance Wireless cannot process your refund. To process the refund or to learn more, you can contact the Alabama Statewide 911 Board, Deputy Director at (334)-440-7911

Please make sure you explain that you were an Assurance Lifeline customer, paid your Alabama 911 fee in advance of its due date, that your Assurance Wireless Lifeline service has now ended and provide the number of months you paid in advance for refund purposes. Your proof of payment is your cancelled check, your money order receipt or your credit/debit card statement.

If I paid Assurance Wireless in advance for the Alabama 911 fee, but I'm no longer a customer, why can't I get my money back from you?

I'm so sorry, but we only collect the fee for the state of Alabama. Everything we collect from customers is sent to the state of Alabama. That's why you must get your money back from the Alabama Statewide E911 Board. 

We are no longer collecting money for the Kentucky e911 fee. Please do not remit any payment.