Richard R., Olympia, WA

There are 3 vital components to recovering from homelessness...transportation, stable housing and communication.Assurance Wireless provided help with my communication needs at a very difficult time in my life and I will be forever grateful for their services. Communication is actually an essential first step to achieving housing and transportation. Without communication fewer people can reach you with potential opportunities and you cannot reach out to others in an emergency. I don't know what I would have done without this service. Thank you Assurance Wireless team.

Guy O., Dallas, TX

I’ve appreciated the service Assurance Wireless has provided for me the entire time I have been a customer. If I did not have your cellular phone service it would have been impossible for me to have phone job interviews and find out about my medical appointments. So "BRAVO" to your organization for offering this type service for people with a lower income. Thank you and continue to offer good services to your customers.

Herber T., Wellington, CO

After a long period with a debilitating addiction, my Assurance Wireless phone has been instrumental in my recovery and my reintegration into society. I did not have anything when I first became clean. No money meant no phone or transportation to be able to find a new direction in life. Thank God I found Assurance Wireless because I can now stay connected to long-term rehab, to school, and to the people that love and care about me the most. I am slowly building my life back up and I owe Assurance Wireless a huge thank you for being part of that process.

Shyann H., Newport News, VA

As a homeless person it is important for me to stay connected to the city's resources. With my Assurance Wireless phone, I am able to keep up with my emails when responding to employment, receive text alerts when it’s time to refill my medicine or make my health appointments. In addition, my phone is helping me to find housing.

Mary O., Las Vegas, NV

Assurance Wireless has enabled me to keep a phone service and stay in touch. It’s the BEST service I have ever had. I’m almost 70 years old and I have never called a company whose operators and customer service are SO polite, SO efficient and SO helpful. I have called many times and have always had a good experience. I applaud whoever trains and hires the service staff because they do a really superb job. If you call Assurance Wireless, you will always be treated like a very important person. I tell everyone how great Assurance Wireless is. Thank you very much.

Johnny M., Los Angeles, CA

Having my Assurance Wireless service and phone has definitely been a blessing to me in several ways. Besides being able to access the web and other features when I'm away from home, I can and have been reached for jobs and social activities that are very important to maintaining my lifestyle and health.

Michael H., Tequesta, FL

As a US Navy Disabled Veteran, Assurance Wireless enabled mobile access when I was without a job and funds. It was a life saver when my landline phone was no longer available due to job loss/disability. Many thanks for being there to support those down on their luck.

Kevin O., Minneapolis, MN

The Assurance Wireless phone has been such a blessing in my life! In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer. During that time I was unemployed and finally had to start applying for social security disability. I called Assurance Wireless for an application, filled it out and sent the necessary documents. Just a few days later, I found out I was approved and that my phone would be arriving very soon. I was so thrilled to get it in just a couple of days. This phone has been so useful in so many ways, like calling for cabs, medical prescriptions and keeping in contact with family and friends! I just love my phone and I greatly appreciate the value of not having a monthly bill. Thanks Assurance Wireless for such a great program for those who really need it. 

Sharon A., Los Angeles, CA

I had been waiting for low income housing but because I didn't have a phone I missed very urgent calls from the housing Department. Assurance Wireless made it possible for me to have contact with friends and family and more importantly, business that effects my daily life. The phones are great, and updated which is a plus. I've tried other phone services, but this one is the best.

Stephanie N., Tacoma WA

If I didn't have the opportunity to have my Assurance Wireless phone, I wouldn't be able to reach my doctors and get to my medical appointments. It has been a lifesaver. I’ve also been able to arrange help with grocery shopping, laundry, and other appointments. And, if I have a few minutes left, I can even call my grandchildren! All in all, the Assurance Wireless phone has helped me physically, mentally and has given me more access to a healthy lifestyle. 

Timothy Z., San Diego, CA

I am so blessed that Assurance Wireless was there to help me in my darkest hour. Assurance Wireless kept me connected to my family in North Carolina while I almost became homeless in San Diego. Because of their rapid response and activation of service I was able to stay connected to important family members and to my Primary Care Physician. Because of Assurance Wireless, I am stabilized and I’m closer to my family. Thank you Assurance Wireless!

Vivian R., Sylacauga, AL

I am completely satisfied with my Assurance Wireless cell phone. It has helped me stay in touch with my relatives and friends, make appointments to see doctors/dentists and allowed me to make necessary business calls. My Assurance Wireless phone has also given me the security of knowing I can call 911 in an emergency. I am in the poverty range of income, so it is difficult for me to pay for a phone. When I call Assurance Wireless customer service, they have always treated me with politeness and professionalism.

Terri H., Carmichael, CA

Assurance Wireless, 
You have brought two sisters together that were unable to speak to each other for basically all our lives!
 My sister lives 4 hours away and had lost her hearing after a horrible ear infection just after birth, leaving her deaf. I have been on a limited budget and because of Assurance Wireless, I am now able to stay in contact with my sister and share our lives together, after 30 years. Thank you Assurance Wireless!